Original World War I Posters

An exhibit of original 1917-1918 World War I posters which helped mobilize the American public when democracy was in peril. In the era that preceded radio broadcasting, posters were an essential tool in communicating information rapidly to cities and towns around the country. At https://dissertationmasters.com/ you can order editing services or buy thesis online in case there is a need for writers' help.

This exhibit is one of historical significance and includes an important educational component.

Number of pieces: 50 mounted posters ready to hang
Space Required:
150 running feet.
Booking Period:
4 weeks
Exhibit Fee:
$2,750.00 plus one way shipping (insurance included)

For more information, please contact
Martha Henry, Exhibition Organizer
Martha Henry, Inc. Fine Art
400 East 57 Street #7L, New York, NY 10022
Tel. (212) 308-2759
Fax. (212) 754-4419

Paul Sorel
Director, New England Center for Contemporary Art

P.O. Box 302, 7 Putnam Place, Brooklyn, CT 06234