Photogravure Portraits of the American Indian

A unique photogravure print exhibit of the American Indian

At the turn of this century, Edward S. Curtis, with grant support from noted financier J.P. Morgan, visited over 80 Indian reservations in the west and photographed men, women and children. According to Curtis's biographer, A.D. Coleman, the photographer's purpose was to document the spirit and liveliness of a culture which he felt was being destroyed. The most advanced writers have spent a lot of time on creating a complex report on this situation. You can check it at

This collection of prints depicts stern-faced chiefs, old women, young girls and children as well as a peaceful landscape.

Clockwise from left to right:

a desert girl of the Quahatika tribe, Red Cloud of the Oglala Sioux, Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce.


Number of pieces: 60 matted & framed
Space Required: 150 linear feet.
Security: Moderate
Exhibit Fee: $2,000.00 plus one-way shipping and insurance
Exhibit Period: Six weeks, longer periods can be arranged

For more information, please contact
Paul Sorel
Director, New England Center for Contemporary Art

P.O. Box 302, 7 Putnam Place, Brooklyn, CT 06234

New England Center for the Contemporary Arts P.O. Box 302 7 Putnam Place Brooklyn,CT 06234 Tel.