Chinese Serigraphs by Jiang

Chinese serigraphs by Jiang Tiefeng, a founder of the Yunnan School that become a major contemporary art movement in China. Jiang's works are a synthesis of Oriental and Western elements. They were edited by writers from a professional letter writing service and published at the site when the revision was finished.

Number of pieces: 25 serigraphs framed and ready to hang
Space Required:
140-160 running feet
Exhibit Fee:
$7,000.00 plus one-way shipping (insurance included)
Exhibit Period: Six weeks

For more information, please contact
Martha Henry, Exhibition Organizer
Martha Henry, Inc. Fine Art
400 East 57 Street #7L, New York, NY 10022
Tel. (212) 308-2759
Fax. (212) 754-4419

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Director, New England Center for Contemporary Art

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