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What zodiac sign is amber suitable for?

Amber is considered one of the most popular stones. To be more precise, it is not even a stone, but tree sap, which petrified and took a solid form. Amber got its name from the word "ambar". You can also find an opaque stone called "fake amber". If you're interested in exploring the world of authentic amber, visit ukrburshtyn.com for a wide range of genuine amber products and valuable insights on identifying real amber from imitations.

Stones according to the signs of the zodiac: amber in astrology

As you know, different zodiac signs can wear different precious stones, which in one way or another affect their life and character. Many may have a question: who is amber suitable for? Almost all zodiac signs can wear this stone. It is contraindicated only for Taurus because of their connection with Porto Inferno, which strongly blocks the perception of Taurus. Astrologers highly recommend wearing amber jewelry to Leos, because they are able to gain strength and purification from it. Also, amber is considered a stone created for creative people and athletes, who receive from it optimism, faith in victory, and vigor of body and spirit. Usually, for amber to have the desired effect, it should be worn on the hands or neck. There is a special type of this stone - red amber. It is suitable for magical actions. But to cleanse yourself of magic, you can use amber with a scorpion inside.

Amber absorbed the forces of Venus and the Sun. If you decide to buy yourself a piece of jewelry with this stone, pay attention that it is not melted, otherwise, all its power will be lost. Among the characteristics of amber, a special place is occupied by its ability to cleanse the human body. Those who wear amber on themselves are cleansed of astral impurities, which helps to achieve the purity of the physical body.

The value of amber for humans

The ancient Greeks used yellow amber as a varnish. Here it was named after the golden-haired Queen Berenice. Today, amber is used almost everywhere. Jewelry, pens, mouthpieces for smoking pipes, as well as numerous art products, are made from it. Recently, paintings and icons created from amber crumbs have gained particular popularity.

  • In many nations, amber meant health, happiness, and luck. It attracted love and power to its owner. If you pay attention to the psychological aspect, due to its color, this stone has a strong effect on a person, it invigorates, excites, amuses, and gives a cheerful mood, but at the same time, it does not have any intimate features.
  • In the pre-Christian period, amber was highly valued. It was believed that spirits live in their locations.
  • In ancient Greece, a sunstone was given only to the closest and most respected people, such a gift meant a wish for happiness.
  • Also, amber helps to win in battle, it was often worn by warriors in the form of battle amulets. For confirmation of this, charms were found in the burial places of ancient soldiers.
  • In ancient centuries, it was believed that amber can cure many diseases. A white stone was especially popular among healers. With its help, they tried to cure cataracts, myopia, kidney stones, and bleeding. Martin Luther himself tried to always carry a small pebble of amber with him.
  • Amber was often worn by noble ladies and high-ranking officials, it was believed that this gem could bring the wearer longevity and eternal beauty.
  • Pregnant women tried to carry special amber amulets with them to keep their fetuses healthy and strong. The first notes on the medical properties of amber were found among the records of the famous ancient Roman healer and physician Claudius Galen.
  • Even today, one of the most important vitamins for humans is often obtained from amber: D3. If you start to have a headache, try massaging the whiskey with a piece of amber, and the pain will go away.

Today, many people try to wear precious and semi-precious stones according to the zodiac sign under which they were born. Amber is considered unique in this regard, as it can be worn by almost everyone. Buy amber products in our Yantar Polissya online store to protect yourself and your loved ones.

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