Contemporary Polish Posters


From the collection of Museum Plakatu of Wilanow, Poland the world's first museum devoted exclusively to poster art. POLISH POSTERS have achieved singular distinction as an innovative and refreshing graphic art form. These posters have little to do with advertising in the Western sense. Rarely does it reflect political opinions, rather it is applied to themes such as the circus, theatre, opera and other musical events. Although these posters have been widely exhibited in Europe, rarely have they been presented to the American public or to the many students of graphic design in this country.


Number of Posters: 60
Exhibit Fee: $900.00 plus one-way shipping
Shipping Cartons: 4
Space Required: 150 linear feet
Contact: Museum NECCA
Box 302
Brooklyn, CT 06234-0302
Tel: 1-860-774-8899
Fax: 1-860-779-9291

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