Sabina Szafrankowska-Kur a noted fine arts photographer of Warsaw, Poland created the work for this exhibit during a residency at the New England Center for Contemporary Art in the summer of 1984. The forty-five black and white images reveal the intensity of her vision as well as her extraordinary craftsmanship. This series of photographs superimposes the earth-bound symmetry of wild flora on ethereal patterns of her own device-purely fluid-yet echoing her hands touch. The backgrounds of these prints alternately cornment on the struggle with simple organic forms in a very precise relationship creating a certain harmony and organic beauty. Her work inspires philosophic reflections about man and his environment. The critic Douglas Clement writes ''Szafrankowska-Kur's forceful depiction of distinct grass forms perhaps reveals the very soul of nature-simple yet elusive".

The photography by Sabina Szafrankowska-Kur is an outstanding individual and personal achievement and the New England Center for Contemporary Art is proud to present this exhibition.

Henry Riseman
Director, Museum NECCA