The Art of Chinese Calligraphy

Calligraphy is regarded by the Chinese as their supreme artistic achievement. It is somewhat ironical that it would be the last aspect of Chinese culture to be studied seriously by large numbers of Western scholars. The 30 pieces of contemporary calligraphy included in this exhibition are examples of the grace and diversity of this independent, abstract art form.
When modern conceptual artists started to use writing as part of their visual imagery, the act was hailed in some quarters as a major innovation. Of course, such a practice has been an artistic device used by the Chinese for many centuries. Chinese writing, or calligraphy, as it is known, is considered one of the highest forms of art in China, and the best of Chinese artists have used it as a means of expression.
To a Westerner, there seems to be a lot of repetition in the shapes, but a discerning eye will perhaps catch changes and differences here and there. Viewing a collection like this requires patience, but our vision is sharpened by the experience. The essence of calligraphy is its eloquence, grace and rhythm, characteristics that have been ideals for many modernists. What we realize in seeing a show like this is that the Chinese are so much better at manifesting these qualities than many 20th-century artists.


Contents: 30 works mounted on foam board and shrink wrapped and a panel on ancient script.
Exhibit Fee: $700.00 plus one-way shipping
Space Required: 90 linear feet
Contact: Museum NECCA
Box 302
Brooklyn, CT 06234-0302
Tel: 1-860-774-8899
Fax: 1-860-779-9291

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