Museum NECCA is proud to announce an exhibition and sale of recent sculptures by Itzik Asher
Itzik Asher

Itzik Asher was raised and trained as a painter and sculpture in Israel. He grew up around nature and this has greatly influenced his work.

His scultpures are expressions of his love naturalism, simplicity, gentleness and delicacy. They are in away an escape from the modern world back to ancient times of Roman chariots, animals, and elongated figures.

Asher has exhibited in Venezuela, Japan, France, Israel and the United States. Some of his earlier works can be seen in the Nikko Hotel in Beverly Hills, in collections throughout Europe, Israel, Japan and South American.

Asher lives and works in Boca Raton and in Caesarea, an ancient Roman port city on the Mediterranean coast.

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Woman in the Wind

The Voyage

Woman with Horse

The Princess and the Bull

The Shepherd


The Fisherwoman

Lady of the Ark

The Lover's Journey

Foundation of Love

Woman of Melody