The Art Center is dedicated to educating the public in
respect to contemporary art through several exhibitions a year.
The following are some of the current and past exhibits. You may find similar examples or purchase college research papers at

Christopher Zhang

Christopher Zhang was born in the city renowned as the "Oriental Paris"; Shanghai, China. In 1984 he graduated from the East China Normal University. However, being a realistic expressionist with limited exposure to Western Art, Christopher came to the United States in 1990 to further his studies and earn his MFA from Rhode Island College. He has become a premier artist, well known throughout the East Coast. Zhang paints in oils on canvas and his artwork is realistic in style. His home and studio are located in East Lyme, Connecticut.

Wu Jian

Wu Jian was born in 1942 in Hangzhou, Zheijang Province, China. Wu Jian is an internationally acclaimed artist. He studied at Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts in China. In 1986 Wu Jian moved to San Francisco. He furthered his art training at the San Francisco Academy of Fine Arts College, and the Art Studies League of New York. His style reminiscent of French Impressionism and graceful ballerinas are a favorite subject on the artist's canvas. Now a United States citizen, he an his wife now reside in one of the most prominent art capitols of the western world - New York City.