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Henry Riseman, Director

Paul Sorel, Associate Director

Martha Henry, Travelling Exhibit Director

Xue Jian Xin, Curator of Chinese Art

Scott Levine, Technology Director


1975 1975

The New England Center for the Contemporary Arts is founded by Henry Riseman. Renovations began to recycle a 12.000 square foot building to accomodate nine galleries, library, offices, dark room, storage rooms and workshop.


Incorporated as a non-profit Center for the Arts.


Recognized by the IRS as a tax exempt non-profit organization 509 (a)(3). Art school opened for children and adults.


Recieved a grant from the Connecticut Comission for the Arts. Recieved three CETA grants. Thirty-six artists participated in the largest visual arts program in the state.


Presented an exhibit from the Peoples Republic of China. This is the first show of contemporary art from mainland China to be shown in New England. State errects five highways signs for the Art Center on Routes 6 and 169.


NECCA recieved a grant from the NEA. The Art Center was accepted for membership in the Association of American Museums. A traveling exhibit program was established. A special exhibit of childeren's paintings from China began it's
national tour.


Connecticut Public Television broadcasts a 30 minute program of an exhibit at the Art Center from the Institute of Fine Arts, Beijing, China


The Art Center organizes a national program in association with CARE titled Arts Against Hunger to assist in alleviating a food crisis in Poland. National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski assists the Art Center in this program. World Affairs Council members attend exhibit and lectures by visiting artists from the Peoples Republic of
China and Taiwan.


Presented exhibit by Chen Yie-Fei, mater painter from Shanghai. Sent exhibit to New York which was attended by Chinese Ambassador, Dr. Armand Hammer, I. M. Pei and many other celebrities. A painting from this show was taken by President Reagan when he wwent to China and presented it to the supreme ruler Deng Xiaoping.


Featured an exhibit by Angelo Tassi of Italy. This exhibit traveled to Rome where it was shown at the Vatican's Museum of Contemporary Art. The Pope and three other Cardinals attended the opening.


Particaipated in the Festival of Art from India along with the Metropolitan Museum and the Brooklyn Museum of New York. The Indian print exhibit that the Art Center arranged became part of a
national tour.


Organized Connecticut's first Chinese Art Festival which included paintings ceramics, sculpture, music, dance and film.


Center was invited by the Israeli Government to present an exhibit of Israeli art at the annual meeting of the Institute of International Education
in Houstan, Texas. The highlight exhibit of the year was a photography show from Russia titled
The Russian Scene.


Connecticut Television Channel 3 broadcasts live via satellite truck from the Art Center an exhibit of Israeli Art to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the State of Israel.


Featured the first exhibit in the United States by an artist from Kuwait. A book based on this exhibit was published by the Art Center and distributed to university and college museums throughout
the country.


To mark our 15th anniversity, a retrospect is presented of select works by 25 Chinese artists previously shown between 1978-1989.


Presented a major exhibit of the noted Korean artist
Cho Boo Soo which is sent on a national tour.


Featured a large-scale exhibit of tribal art from Papua New Guinea. Over 1.000 artifacts were displayed. Organized a traveling exhibit of ritual masks from this collection.


Held a ballet dance concert in the newly opened sculpture garden, which features large-scale stone and metal sculptures of ballet dancers by the noted Polish artist Lumbar Tomaszewski.


Presented two major exhibits. Photogravure prints of 65 images by Edward Curtis titled North American Indians and a group show of 12 Estonian artists from the newly liberated Baltic Nation. The Ambassador of Estonia attended the opening and addressed the audience.


The 20th anniversary program featured Art from Around the World as an Homage to the Special Olympics held here in Connecticut. The traveling exhibition program, then in it's 15th year of operation, recieved its 125th booking for an exhibit shown at the Frank H McClung Museum in
Knoxville, Tennessee.


Received a donation of important paintings and sculptures from the former Ambassador to Denmark, John L Loeb.


Presented a major exhibit of Japanese art, oil paintings and sculptures by Kushida and Mari Hirooka and made it available for a national tour.


Featured an exhibit of Isreali art titled Against the Odds to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Israel. This exhibit traveled to 8 cities. Over 30.000 people saw this exhibit when it was shown in Miami, Florida. Organized an exhibit of World War I posters along with historical and educational text panels for a national tour.